Jude 1:22

Be merciful to those who doubt.



  1. That’s a good verse Ivan. So many people of faith expect others to believe as they believe. I try to consider that not all are like me and take people where they are. That means that if they doubt or if they lack faith then so be it. Trying to make someone or force someone to believe is more of a turn off than an invitation to listen. My .02 worth

  2. Ivan said

    Bill, thanks for your comment. I am struck — humbled — by my reception out here (e.g., by you and Heidi).

  3. candidchatter said

    🙂 I am glad this vs struck you b/c I needed that reminder just now. So, you are touching me and reminding me. God is at work here. (Matt 18:20)

  4. Ivan said

    Thank you Heidi. I don’t like to be just “take take take”.

    I like Matt 18:20 too.

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