Gospels summary

OK, here are the stats:

Gospels Posts
Matthew 46
Mark 23
Luke 12
John 39

One thing I should point out: I read Mark first. Many of the 23 points I noted in Mark probably reappear in Matthew and Luke. If I came across some thing in Matthew or Luke which I’d seen in Mark I didn’t repost; sometimes if I found something in one of the latter two I went back to the Mark and posted that instead. This means that Matthew could be around 69 and Luke around 35.

On the other hand, it’s not just the events: each Gospel has a voice of its own. I like Mark’s cool, almost downbeat telling; I like Matthew’s passion (both his heat and his tenderness). Luke’s and John’s voices I am not so keen on, but they have their moments too. I couldn’t manage with just one Evangelist; I’d have to compile some kind of composite Gospel. Maybe, if/when I move this blog to a blog engine of my own, I’ll be able to do something like that.

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