Heidi Reed of Candid Chatter has given my blog an award!

Here is the award:


Here’s what she said about my blog:

Ivan wins an award because he is TRULY SEEKING GOD and he writes about the journey. I heart your perseverance, my friend. Go grab yourself an award.

Here is my acceptance speech.


  1. candidchatter said

    Wow that Heidi over at Candid Chatter sure is a great person and generous and I just noticed how drop dead gorgeous she is. Maybe she is, in fact, the most awesome person in the USA? I submit that she is. 😉

    LOL!! Congrats Ivan. I love reading your journey. I still pray for you too!

    Heidi Reed

  2. Ivan said

    Thank you Heidi. I think your presence stops the project turning into just an intellectual hobbyhorse, reminds me that real life is involved.

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