Mark 3:28-29

3:28 Most certainly I tell you, all sins of the descendants of man will be forgiven, including their blasphemies with which they may blaspheme; 3:29 but whoever may blaspheme against the Holy Spirit never has forgiveness, but is guilty of an eternal sin”.

(World English Bible)

To me this seems a very timely warning. Not that I blaspheme against the Holy Spirit, but that the times we live in do. The prevailing culture of the times is anti-human not to say misanthropic: fear and loathing of ourselves, of each other, of human potential seems to be the promoted norm; the most intimate or humdrum aspects of our lives are medicalised or bureaucratised; striving for an ideal — any ideal — is seen as naive or even dysfunctional.

In this context I interpret the current craze for religious intolerance (i.e., intolerance of religious conviction, especially Christianity), as an intolerance of conviction per se.

To me this passage says that the most important thing of all is the striving for perfection, for moral purity, if you like the imitation of the perfect human. If you lose that you lose everything.

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