What is the Holy Spirit?

re question 1 from Mark 1:12-13.

Here’s how I interpret the Trinity at the moment:

  • I interpret God more or less as Spinoza does:

    VI. By God, I mean a being absolutely infinite—that is, a substance consisting in infinite attributes, of which each expresses eternal and infinite essentiality.
    Explanation. I say absolutely infinite, not infinite after its kind: for, of a thing infinite only after its kind, infinite attributes may be denied; but that which is absolutely infinite, contains in its essence whatever expresses reality, and involves no negation.

    (Ethics, part 1, Definitions.)
    I realise that might not be too helpful.

  • I interpret Jesus as a kind of perfection of the human.
  • I interpret the Holy Spirit as a kind of striving for moral purity, a kind of passion. As a passion it’s something that comes upon us from outside. If it is a kind of passion then succumbing and following blindly might be harmful. It is perhaps more important to listen within carefully, understand how the passion works within us, and follow only when we can turn the passion into action.

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